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4 Reasons to Scrape your Plate at Leo’s New recipes

4 Reasons to Scrape your Plate at Leo’s

Photo by Justin SchubleAs I turned the corner into the dishwashing station, a burst of color caught my eye. Before me, bright green signs said “Scrape your Plate” and brand-new bins brimmed with trash. With pride, I tossed my pizza crust into the bin.Yes, I was delighted by the overflowing food scraps on lower-level Leo’s.

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Cozy Spring Meals to Eat During April Showers New recipes

Cozy Spring Meals to Eat During April Showers

Simple dishes to chase away the rainy day bluesShutterstockSpring showers got you down? Warm up and settle in with some cozy comfort food.Banana, Blueberry, and Pecan Pancakes. Cozy banana pancakes brighten up even the rainiest spring weekends. Since they’re vegan and gluten-free, you won’t have to worry about these pancakes messing up your plans for swimsuit season.

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Now Sake Comes in a Can New recipes

Now Sake Comes in a Can

Bushido is releasing “Way of the Warrior” premium ginjo genshu-grade sake in a canBeer comes in a can. Wine even comes in a can. So why not sake? The Japanese rice wine, which usually comes in decorative glass bottles, is now entering the market of portable convenience. Vine Connections is releasing its Bushido sake in a new can.

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Oranges in champagne jelly New recipes

Oranges in champagne jelly

A fine dessert for moments of pampering! We need: -2 peeled or cut oranges-1 sliced ​​lemon peel-1 semi-dry champagne bottle-150 gr. sugar-2 sachets gelatin (20 gr) Servings: -Preparation time: less than 60 minutes RECIPE PREPARATION Oranges in champagne jelly: Put the gelatin to hydrate, according to the instructions on the sachet, and the champagne is heated on the fire, together with the sugar and a little grated lemon peel (if you use sweet champagne, you don't need that much sugar).

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Fluffy pancake recipe with cocoa stuffed with whipped cream New recipes

Fluffy pancake recipe with cocoa stuffed with whipped cream

Fluffy pancakes recipeA recipe that I initially saw at Miha, then Rivka tried it and I had a craving !!!!!!! Fluffy pancakes recipeIngredient ingredients for pancakes: 400 ml yogurt2 cups flour2-3 tablespoons cocoa teaspoon powder baking tip knife knife salt3-4 tablespoons vanilla sugar3 sunflower eggsFor stuffing: 250 ml liquid cream100 ml sweet cream2 tablespoons powdered sugarPortions: -Cooking time: less than 60 minutesPRODUCTION RECIPE Fluffy pancakes with recipeM fluffy pancakes recipeM well eggs with sugar and vanilla sugar.

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Goat Stew New recipes

Goat Stew

Executive chef Michael Uhnak& 39;s goat stew at Besaw& 39;s in Portland, Ore., takes stew to new heights. This is a warm, comforting dish perfect for fall or winter, and a simple recipe perfect for a last-minute dinner.NotesAs you reheat for single servings, use 1 tablespoon butter to 4 cups stew, and add salt and pepper to your liking.

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