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Mexican Style Pork Discada

Mexican Style Pork Discada


oz Mexican pork chorizo


lb pork sirloin, cut into 1 inch pieces


to 2 chipotle chiles, minced


Russet potato, peeled and sliced into bite size pieces


green plantain, sliced into bite size pieces


cup Worcestershire sauce


cup cilantro, chopped


cup crushed chicharrones, pork cracklins (pork rinds)

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  • 1

    In a large skillet, cook bacon at medium heat until crispy. Add the garlic and chorizo, and cook for 3 minutes.

  • 2

    Turn the heat up, add the pork sirloin and cook until nicely browned and seared in most spots. If you need, add 1 tablespoon of oil.

  • 3

    Add the onion, Serrano, chipotle, potato, plantain and tomato, cook for 5 minutes.

  • 4

    Add the beer, chicken broth (as desired), and stir well to combine. When it comes to a boil, reduce heat and stir in the Worcestershire sauce, cumin, oregano and pepper. Taste for salt before adding anymore.

  • 5

    Stirring now and then, cover and cook at a low simmer for 45 to 55 minutes, until the sauce reduces and becomes thick.

  • 6

    Add the cilantro and chicharrones to the top before serving. Serve with warmed tortillas, your favorite salsa, rice and beans.

Expert Tips

  • Slow cooked meat recipes or guisados always taste better the day after it was prepared. Plan ahead for your next dinner party. If you plan on freezing the guisado, add only 2 cups per freezer bag and freeze flat. This makes for easy defrosting.

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More About This Recipe

  • A Mexican Discada is typically prepared in a large disc like pan, similar to a paella pan. The traditional way to cook this dish is on an outdoor wood fired grill. It can be prepared with beef or pork, sometimes both. This recipe reminds me of those delicious guisados de carne that my Mom always prepared for us. All you need is some warm corn tortillas to enjoy this dish and all it’s flavors.

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