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Aarón Sánchez and John Besh Open up Taqueria in Baltimore

Aarón Sánchez and John Besh Open up Taqueria in Baltimore

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Aarón Sánchez and John Besh have been friends and colleagues for awhile, but this is their first time opening a restaurant together.

Culinary giants and longtime friends John Besh and Aarón Sánchez are teaming up for the first time to open a taqueria called Johnny Sánchez in Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casinothis summer. Besh, who will be inducted into the James Beard “Who’s Who” this year, and Sánchez, co-star of Chopped and star of Fox’s Aaron Loves NY, first met on Iron Chef. Now, they are teaming up to bring tacos, tostadas, tequila, and more in a casual but authentic Mexican atmosphere at Johnny Sánchez.

“This is the food that John and I love to cook when we’re hanging out together having fun, and that’s what resonates with people,” said Sánchez in a statement. “It’s all from the heart!”

The venue will be spacious, seating over 200 guests, and will feature farm-to-table cuisine, as well as an extensive beer, tequila, mescal, and bourbon list.

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