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Japan’s Most Popular Pet Names Are All About Food

Japan’s Most Popular Pet Names Are All About Food

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The most popular pet names of 2014 are revealed, and they’re mostly food names

Wikimedia/Bartłomiej Derski

These little guys are probably named Choco and Azuki.

Japan’s pet owners must be hungry, because the most popular pet names given in Japan in 2014 have been revealed, and it looks like most of the pets in Japan are named after food.

According to RocketNews24, 10 of the top 15 most popular pet names in Japan this year could just as easily be applied to tasty snacks. First and second were Choco and Maron, “chocolate” and “chestnut,” respectively.

The rest of the list was filled out by Coco and Cocoa; Mocha; Milk; Cherry Blossom, which are eaten in Japan; Azuki; and two different variations on the name "Peach."

The people compiling the list did not speculate as to why snack names dominated Japan’s pet names this year, but probably everybody has had the experience of looking at a cute puppy and thinking, “It’s so cute, I want to eat it!” It sounds like these pet owners just took that idea and ran with it.